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#HQ_69min's prompt —> stuffed animals 

Asahi is the cutest giant dork pass it on ♥♥♥


watching zankyou no terror


Find someone who looks at you the same way you look at Erwin Smith.


Imagine your icon as a lingerie model


So. IDK if I’m just slow or anything, but it was only last night that it struck me right out of the blue that the two people most important to Tsukishima Kei’s character development are parallels to each other.

Both couldn’t make it as regulars for Karasuno and tried to make up for their lack of talent through hard work and Tsukki bore witness to both of their efforts.

But where Akiteru sparked a low in Tsukki’s attitude towards volleyball, Yamaguchi sparked the beginnings of a high. And you know how us Tsukkiyama fans keep harping on the fact that Yamaguchi stayed by Tsukki’s side through the years through thick and thin? In vivid contrast, Akiteru, who was depicted as THE constant in Tsukki’s life in his childhood, left Tsukki when he moved for college.

Where Akiteru failed, Yamaguchi is beginning to succeed and he found his own unique way to make it onto the court. His first point for the team in c119 (probably would have) shattered Tsukki’s belief that hardwork and passion could only come to naught - a belief that came into being because of what happened to Akiteru.

So yeah… Pardon me to go lie down and drown in my feels for a bit… Furudate-sensei, idk if you did it on purpose or not but either way, this was a stroke of genius ; v ;


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Stop trying to make people feel bad for liking things they like

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90% of the characters i love

  • are assholes
  • are dead
  • are both an asshole and dead
Anonymous sent : Mizashi-sempai! Would you please draw the "finish the heart" meme with Tsukiyama and Shiro-Kaneni? Pleaaase?



I had to look this meme up because I didn’t know about it yet omg


tried some warm colors with green guy